Education is a complicated area which requires a lot of stamina and innovation. Ease your life with LimeLine and enjoy unlimited advantages by using our technology.

LimeLine and Education

Call centers for Education purposes are absolutely necessary in terms of multi-tasking. There is a great deal of apps and services out there which help collect tuition payments, recruit potential students, raise funds, reach out to alumni as well as deliver alerts and updates to existing employees and students.

Do you think there is a way to make sure that your call center works as effectively as possible? Can you tell if the system that you are utilizing is solid and stable, yet it can manage the constant usage which you require and easily exit it on demand?

Welcome to LimeLine ACD Call Center!



PCI DSS (white paper link) compliance standards protect electronic payments and all other financial activities via LimeLine system.


Multi Tenant Cloud PBX by LimeLine works without any faults which allows for a lot of clients to stay in contact and entirely receive your services. This solution can easily be accessed at any place thanks to being cloud-based.

CRM Integration

LimeLine software can be altered especially for your solution and any CRM required, equally web and client based, for your contact DB to get a quick access and require minimum time for migrating purposes.


LimeLine ACD Call Center setting-up requires a few basic things – a headset, a computer and Internet connection per a call center rep. There is no need in particular infrastructure or hardware.


We are more than happy to train your staff on how to use our solutions based on client service and technical support.


LimeLine cloud-based solution significantly helps to save funds, especially in comparison with classical call centers. This, of course, increases effectiveness and improves overall business results due to complete adaptability of the solutions that we provide for your kind attention.


Sending out mass SMS alerts can be rather effective for informing purposes of existing and perspective students.

All kinds of incoming callers will get the info they are looking for, or will be redirected to the operator who is most capable of assisting them, thanks to the customized IVR software as well as LimeLine skills-based routing technology.

Reach out alumni, existing students and university donators through call blasts.

PD solutions will define busy lines, fax machines, no answers and answering machines with all kinds of calling campaigns to contact intended recipients in no time.

Keep in mind that customizing all of your multiple calling scripts is vital for your outcoming calling campaigns.

Remember to get in touch with alumni, students, parents and employees on various contact channels like text, voice, social media and voice.

The Auto-Attendant software helps to track all the calls by sending them to mobile voice-mail or an external number.

Why are we special?

ACD Call Center software will assist with your tracking on your call center employees. It will not only record and keep every call, but also view their interactions within the system, and evaluate productivity of how they perform. These reports can be stored in the system for over ninety days.

A set of necessary features for better productivity of your employees can be accessed on our website.