Non-profit industry runs against a lot of difficulties in terms of raising funds, outreaching campaigns and general development. Enable your call center with all the modern technology to avoid such issues.

LimeLine and Non-Profit

Often non-profit companies actively pursue the idea of making sure that their financial contributions as well as time and resource donations are allocated productively, and that it truly helps all those in need to the full extent. The cause for which these companies management chooses to run such complicated business varies: it can be medical research, social activism or community outreach; often it is a call to help certain illnesses, disasters of nature or human poverty. For all these causes your call center is a perfect solution to unite the efforts and help out an unlimited amount of suffering people.

What is the best approach to contact and run perspective donors? How to organize campaigns for raising funds? Do you have your own way to manage the volunteers’ network? Are you sure it’s the best way to go? Is it simple enough to get more info about your non-profit company and the goals that it sets for volunteers and perspective contributors?

Welcome to LimeLine ACD Call Center Solution! Together we will find the answers and solutions to all these difficult questions!



PCI DSS (white paper link) compliance standards protect electronic payments and all other financial activities via LimeLine system.


Multi Tenant Cloud PBX by LimeLine works without any faults which allows for a lot of clients to stay in contact and entirely receive your services. This solution can easily be accessed at any place thanks to being cloud-based.

CRM Integration

LimeLine software can be altered especially for your solution and any CRM required, equally web and client based, for your contact DB to get a quick access and require minimum time for migrating purposes.


LimeLine ACD Call Center setting-up requires a few basic things – a headset, a computer and Internet connection per a call center rep. There is no need in particular infrastructure or hardware.


We are more than happy to train your staff on how to use our solutions based on client service and technical support.


LimeLine cloud-based solution significantly helps to save funds, especially in comparison with classical call centers. This, of course, increases effectiveness and improves overall business results due to complete adaptability of the solutions that we provide for your kind attention.


All the inbound callers usually find the info they are seeking about your company, or get redirected to another operator who can assist them better, with the use of Interactive Voice Response software, and LimeLine skills-based routing solution.

Sending out notifications about your present campaigns and fund-raising events with the use of call blasts is always a good idea. You can also use them for alerting wide audience about natural and other kinds of disasters, and your need of their help.

A Predictive Dialer with basically any sort of calling campaign will identify busy lines, answering and fax machines and no answers to contact intended recipients instantly.

Remember to keep customizing your multiple calling scripts for outcoming call campaigns when you reach out to perspective contributors.

Remain in touch in various contact channels like chat, social media, voice and text.

Have social media widgets installed on your site and let the ones who are interested get in contact with you at once, all within the same web browser.

Cloud-based ACD Call Center stands for your operators being able to access their contributors’ and volunteers’ data as well as make and get calls distantly, so that they can work at home.

You can purchase and individualize your own caller SMS code for sending contributions and funds for various causes by text.

Why are we special?

ACD Call Center software keeps track on your employees by recording and storing the calls and viewing their interactivity within the system. It also evaluates their work productivity. All the reports are saved and stored in the system for over 90 days.

A set of required features for the best productivity of your expert team can be found on our website.